Tips for Identifying the Best International Car Shipping Company

In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of international car shipping companies. Like in any industry, not all of these companies deliver services that are up-to-the-mark. As such, it is necessary to be careful when looking for the best international car shipping company to hire. This is so that you only hire a reputable company that will deliver the vehicle in a timely manner. Some people have gone through horrific experiences at the hands of these service providers. Here is how to identify a reputable car shipping service provider:



Avoid settling for an international car shipping company that does not sign a shipping contract with its clients. This is because the contract is a legally binding agreement that ensures that each party keeps their end of the deal. Without this agreement, it may prove to be quite hard for the company to act professionally in making timely delivery of the car as well as in protecting your interests. An authorized representative of the company should sign the contract.


There are unlimited hazards that the car is exposed to during shipment. As such, you should only hire companies with cargo insurance. Ensure that the cover’s minimum liability exceeds the value of the car. For instance, if the car will be shipped by ship, it is crucial to ensure that the shipping company has maritime insurance. This goes a long way in ensuring that in the event that the insured risk occurs, you will receive compensation. In case you use an uninsured shipping company, there are high chances that you will not receive any compensation if your car is damaged or gets lost during shipment.


Cargo PORTLike in any other industry, car-shipping companies require being licensed by the relevant authorities depending on their region of operation. Do not forget that Registration ensures that the company provides its services in line with the set rules of international car shipping. Additionally, it also ensures that the company offers high-end services that meet the standards of international car shipping. Avoid using the services of unregistered car shipment companies, as you will most likely encounter inconveniences when using these companies.


The best international car shipping company to hire is one that deals in a transparent manner. This includes shipping costs, time of shipment, and other important aspects concerning the car’s shipment. Avoid companies that have hidden costs or those that do not provide you with a timeline on when you should expect to receive the car. This can greatly inconvenience you especially if you have already made plans on paying import tax and duty for the car.


Even after you have hired the best auto shipping company, it is important to seek advice from an expert on how car shipping is done, especially if you are new to international car shipment. This will enlighten you on the pitfalls to avoid when having your car shipped to you.