Tell Tale Signs Your Car Requires Oil Change

One of the simplest but vital service appointments is oil change. It can help extend the longevity of your engine and improve its performance if it is regularly performed. Some drivers and car owners usually delay changing oil as they depend on mileage and not oil change warning signs to know when to schedule service appointments. This results in the car sufferings from overdue oil change longer than expected. Everyone wants their cars to run like new for long. You consider change oil cheaop if its time to change your oil. Here are some signs that your vehicle requires an oil change.

Dirty and Dark Oil

Clean oil is normally amber in color. The fluid, however, with time, will darken and get dirty due to the particles collected from the car’s engine. You cannot know exactly when the oil color starts to change, so it is advisable to check your oil every month to know its condition. You can remove the dipstick from the engine, wipe it off, then put it back in. If you see through the oil when you remove it again, then your oil is still fine. It is, however, dark and thick then you need to schedule an oil change.

Loud Engine Noise

Clean oil creates a barrier between the parts of the engine, and this protects the metals from rubbing against each other, thus keeping the engine quiet. When your engine oil starts to breakdown, it will not lubricate these parts well, and the result id loud noise from the engine. You may begin hearing knocking, rumbling, or roaring if you ignore the increased engine noise to immediately tell you the car needs an oil change.

Exhaust Smoke

When it is cold, you will often see a translucent vapor coming from the tailpipe. But if instead, you see smoke being emitted, then you need to check the oil as there could be a leak in the engine. Smoke could also indicate faulty parts in the engine. If the oil is enough in the car, then get a professional to diagnose to know the problem and rectify it.

Oil Smell in the Cabin

A smell from the cabin is one of the biggest signs of danger. This odor is typically strong and implies that there is an oil leak. The scent may also be mixed with exhaust fumes and gas smell. This shows that the car is overheating and burning oil into the exhaust area. If the engine overheats, your vehicle can seriously get damaged, or it can ignite a fire. So, if you ever smell oil in your car, change the oil immediately.

Oil Change Light

An illuminated oil change light on the car’s dashboard shows that the oil in the system is low. Therefore, when you see this light, you should check the oil level using the dipstick and change the oil right away if it is not sufficient. The engine light will turn on in serious instances to tell you that the vehicle is at risk of engine damage because of damaged parts or lack of oil.

These are some of the telltale signs that your car needs an oil change. If you, therefore, see any of these immediately, schedule an oil change to ensure the engine continues to run well.

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