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A Buying Guide for Mid Handicap Irons

The mid handicap level is an interesting zone. Choosing a mid-handicapper as your butterball partner is a good idea. You can learn more about this game and even win prizes by playing golf with other mid handicappers. Once you start playing this game, you will realize that hitting greens is a major concern for handicappers, especially when the holes are much longer.

Every player wants an iron that can hit the ball longer as he/she makes those coveted birdies and pars.

Who Is a Mid Handicapper?

Mid handicappers are golfers who play off handicaps between seven and ten holes. Others can go up to 17 or 18. These players can easily break 80 or 90 consistently. It is not easy to classify high, mid, and low, but every player knows where he/she falls.

Features to Look for When Purchasing a Gold Iron for a Mid-Handicapper

Added Touch

A player should think about his level of skill and features that can help him improve his game. Most of the modern clubs incorporate a special technology that enables players to increase playability and forgiveness. They are well-designed to improve ball speed.


a golf club

Golf irons come with different sizes of the clubface. The size of the clubface varies, depending on the manufacturer’s design parameters. This is the most crucial part that determines how your club functions. A wide clubface offers more forgiving, making it a practical option for a player who wants something corrective.


Clubs with more weight are considered as more corrective than light ones. Most of the modern clubs incorporate tungsten that makes them heavier than steel. Playing with such a club makes it easy for the player to balance his iron and correct shots after making a small mishit.

Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

Taylormade M4 Irons

This iron is well-designed, making it a more professional and much sleeker club. Most players find it effortless to hit the ball up using this club. Its sweet spot is very big that a player cannot distinguish when he/she hits the ball badly.

Being a longer iron, it can be used by players who want to get more forgiveness and distance on mishit ad strikes and center. This club has a lightweight shaft that makes the golfer feel comfortable while hitting the ball.


  • The bottom of the loft is well-printed to allow the buyer to purchase the right wedges.
  • A crisp sound is produced at contact
  • It offers high glides and launching through the turf
  • It hits the ball straight, making it useful in reducing shot shapes to draws and baby fades

Cleaveland Launcher CBX Golf Iron

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This is a game improvement iron that has become very popular among mid handicappers. It has high-quality wedges that make it an ideal option for low to mid handicappers. It has a set of golf irons that helps mid handicappers to dish out ample forgiveness and boost distance while playing golf.


This iron is well-designed to make it easier for the player who wants to improve control over the small clubs and hit the ball longer. This club has a hefty top line, but it still retains its professional look. The Cleveland golf iron has a more extended cavity back that offers a large sweet spot and more forgiveness as the payer progresses to short irons.


  • It is ideal for golfers who like hitting towards the toe
  • It is god for hitting the ball straight